Asset Tracker for Networks 8.6

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Asset Tracker for Networks 8.6

Collects information about network PC’s hardware and software, provides the Network Administrator with the detailed reports and exports collected information into SQL databases. Does not require client software!fter installing the program on your own PC for the very first time, you click File|InventoryNetwork menu item and… get the complete inventory report in a half an hour!

Asset Tracker inventories not only Windows computers, but also network equipment, such as routers, switches or network printers! After the inventory process will be completed, you will be able to view devices information, build consolidated reports and export device inventory information 

Asset Tracker for Networks will collect the following information about the user workstations in your network:

  • Computer serial number and manufacturer information
  • Operating system information
  • Processor, memory and hard disk drives information
  • Installed software
  • WinSock information: TCP/IP addresses, host names, etc
  • Installed printers
  • Video subsystem
  • Installed devices
  • Network adapters, network shares
  • Local user accounts
  • Logged on user, operating environment
  • BIOS information
  • Motherboard information
  • And much more…



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