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Live Messenger Sniffer

Live Messenger Sniffer is a real-in-time monitoring software to intercept windows live messenger (MSN Messenger) messages across a LAN. With it you can easily supervise your children or employees’ activities on Live or MSN Messenger and record all the details. Just run Live Messenger Sniffer on any computers on your network and start to capture and program installation isn’t needed on the monitoring target computers.

Feature List:

  • Monitor MSN activities and capture MSN chat messages on local LAN
  • Works in secret mode without showing any window and tray icon
  • Exports the messages to html format files report
  • Recognizes plain text messages
  • Recognizes P2P Via Server messages
  • Shows all the events of MSN contact
  • Saves the messages into the database
  • Search the messages in the database
  • Supports capturing on multiple network adapters
  • Ignores Live/MSN Messenger messages by IPs or Emails
  • Blocks Live/MSN Messenger connections by IPs or Emails
  • Views the messages and events in real-time
  • Captures the communications of MSN connections
  • Views the detail communications in real-time
  • Saves the communications data to disk files
  • Exports the communications to html format files
  • Captures all the TCP packets
  • Set password for the sniffer program
  • Blocks the connection specified in real-time
  • Support MSN Messenger 7.X/8.X
  • Support Windows Live Messenger 8.X/2009


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