Remobo 0.20.8

Remobo creates an Instant Private Network (IPN) between users. It’s like a computer network for your social network. It allows you to remotely control your home computer and access files while at work or traveling. Just login, add users to your buddy list, and Remobo will create a secure network for you to Privately share large files like photos & docs between computers or with friends & family and replace your existing, costly and difficult to use VPN software. It also allows you to run games, video conferencing, streaming media, secure instant messaging & more.


  • Control your own computer remotely from any other computer.
  • Access your files securely from work or while travelling.
  • Share files, photos & media with friends & family on your network.
  • Secure all your messages and file transfers against hackers.
  • Create a virtual private network (VPN) instantly and securely.
  • Play LAN games over the Internet as if you were all in the same place.
  • Connect to any computer in your list securely to access files and data.
  • Run virtually any 3rd party application on top of Remobo. 


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