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Animation Workshop

Build professional banners, advertisements and other commercial
animations in minutes, with an impressively short learning curve.
Animation Workshop handles the elements of its animations as objects,
eliminating the need to understand how animation files are structured.

Animation Workshop will assemble your animations from still images,
text and other animations. It brings an inexhaustible library of
graphic effects to the table. It maintains its text as editable text
objects, rather than graphics — the text content of your animations
will be editable after they’re created.

Export Animation Workshop’s animations to GIF, MNG, AVI, MOV and SWF (Macromedia Flash).

Whether you need really quick web page banner advertisements,
eye-catching graphics for a PowerPoint presentation, video titles that
are hard to ignore or animations for Presentation Wizard or Screen
Saver Construction Set documents, Animation Workshop will make it
happen in minutes, and make it look like you have a complete graphic
design house on speed-dial.

Animation Workshop includes:

  • Build animations quickly from your source still images, text and other animations.
  • Import JPG, PCX, GIF, BMP, TGA and PNG still images.
  • Import AVI, GIF, MOV and MNG animations and digital video.
  • Create text with any TrueType font on your system.
  • Export to GIF, MNG, AVI, MOV, SWF (Macromedia Flash).
  • Export animations to SWF (Macromedia Flash) with sound.
  • Edit the text elements of your animations after they’re created.
  • Fill text and backgrounds with solid colors, gradients, fractal textures and tile matrices.
  • Supercompress your web page animations for the minimum possible file size.
  • Learn Animation Workshop in an hour with the engaging tutorial installed with this software.


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