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MalAware Beta

MalAware is an extremely small and ultra fast malware scanner, that is able to detect active malware on your PC without the need of a full software installation. Only 1 mb download size. Combines signature- and cloud-scan technology.

However, it should still get the full Emsi Software technology with more than 3 million known nasties. Not an easy task – but our developers have found ways and means to meet these seemingly impossible combinable requirements. By combining a strongly limited version of the signature database of known malware paths with a cloud based scan of all active processes, MalAware achieves a similar accuracy as a-squared Anti-Malware.

If it detects that your PC is infected, the second step is to download the big a-squared Anti-Malware package, to remove the malware and protect the PC against new infections.


  • Detects active Malware
  • Scans in less than 1 minute
  • Cloud and signature based
  • Only 1 mb download

System requirements:

  • MalAware runs on Windows XP, Vista, 7 as well as on 2003/2008 Servers in all 32 bit and 64 bit editions.
  • MalAware does not require software installation and can be started immediately.
  • During scan are approx. 50 MB free RAM required. We suggest to use it on computers with at least 512 MB RAM, best would be 1 GB RAM.
  • Unlike other malware scanner products, MalAware was designed to run parallel with other antivirus and firewall software without troubles. In case you find a conflict with another software, our support team will help to solve the problem quickly.


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