Advanced System Protector 2.0.334

Systweak Inc
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Operating System
Windows Vista Windows Xp
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Advanced System Protector 2.0.334

Spyware scanning and cleaning is provided free with the personal edition of Advanced System Protector.

Advanced System Protector monitor’s and scans the behavioral aspects of various processes running on your PC and it tries to identify any sort of spyware related activity. This is completely based on artificial intelligence and is a must for the security of any PC.

It has the Windows Shield that monitors any changes made to the Windows Host file. The Host file is used as a first means of locating the address of a system, before accessing the Internet domain name system. It also prevents changes in the settings of Win logon Shell Registry which is used to load user profile on logon. It is the easiest target for spyware. They can modify its memory usage and function.

Complete Feature list:

  • Quick, Deep and Custom Scans: Thoroughly scan cookies, memory, registry and files and folders for any malicious threats on your system.
  • Spyware Cleaning enabled: Scan, detect and clean all malicious threats found on your system. Its fast, its thorough and does the job efficiently.
  • In-built Scheduler: Use the inbuilt scheduler to schedule unattended scans. Schedule an automatic scan every day, once or every week at a predefined time without any user interaction.
  • Quarantine List: This list displays threats found after a scan, which are put in a safe place on a certain location from where they cannot cause any more damage to the system.
  • Ignore List: Selected scan results can be added to the Ignore List which will not be displayed in the Scan Result window on subsequent scanning operations.
  • Exclusion List: Add files and folders to this list by from the On Execution Scan option. All files and folders in this list will not be detected in subsequent scans.
  • Exclusion List :Add files and folders to this list by from the On Execution Scan option. All files and folders in this list will not be detected in subsequent scans.
  • Free definition updates: Our dedicated research team works 24/7 to make sure that users get the latest definition updates daily for protection against the latest spyware threats and minimal false positives.
  • Free product support: FREE technical support for all your troubleshooting needs. Just drop us an email or call us to resolve any issues you face with the product.
  • Internet Shield: It restricts illegitimate changes that can be made to Internet Explorer URL Search Hooks and keeps a check on the changes made to Internet Explorer Toolbar.
  • Registry Shield :It prevents changes in the registry value of Windows AppInit DLLs. It contains the list of DLL files that are loaded at the startup time.



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