Double Anti-Spy Professional

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195 MB
Operating System
Windows Vista Windows Xp

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Double Anti-Spy Professional

Spyware can steal your personal and financial information, slow down your PC performance and even crash your computer. Double Anti-Spy detects, removes and immediately protects your PC from thousands of threats.

Features Overview

Exclusive Double Scan Technology

Revolutionary double anti-spyware engine provides comprehensive spyware
protection, eliminating the need for multiple spyware solutions on your

Fast PC Performance & Results

With Double Anti-Spy’s small memory footprint, you don’t have to choose between PC security and PC performance.

Comprehensive Removal Technology

Identifies and removes spyware files and programs for immediate protection against identity theft and slow PC performance.

Accurate Risk Assessment

Get an overview of each threat, what it does, and its potential danger
to help you make educated decisions to keep or remove unwanted programs.

Real-Time Threat Protection

Get real-time threat protection against trojans, keyloggers, system monitors, and other forms of spyware.

Download Your Favorite Music, Pictures and Videos Safely

File sharing programs and swapping media online can infect your
computer with spyware. Double Anti-Spy identifies new spyware threats
and variations and prevents them from installing on your PC.



Groundbreaking Double Engine Technology

With Double Anti-Spy’s revolutionary double anti-spyware engines you
get more effective spyware scans and real-time spyware protection that
remove even some of the most deeply rooted spyware from your PC.

Cutting Edge DoubleScan™ Technology

Double Anti-Spy uses both traditional spyware and cutting-edge
anti-malware technologies that enable Double Anti-Spy to respond more
effectively to mutating and aggressive spyware, eliminating the need
for multiple spyware solutions on your computer.

Better, Stronger & More Effective

You want 24/7 spyware protection, and don’t want to notice it. You want
spyware definition updates to be short and not interfere with your
other work. Double Anti-Spy delivers fast and light spyware definition
updates, protecting you against the latest threats.

Detects, Removes & Blocks All Types of Spyware

Double Anti-Spy Professional continually improves its spyware fighting
capabilities on daily basis. As spyware gets more complex to avoid
detection by anti-spyware programs, Double Anti-Spy responds with new
technology to stay one step ahead.

Easy to use

Double Anti-Spy Professional installs quickly and easily. It runs
silently in the background so you are free to work or play online
without slowing down your computer. Scanning can be initiated in the
background or after hours to minimize any impact on performance. 

Choose a Quick, Total Or Custom Scan

You can easily choose to perform a Quick, Total or Custom scan.  A
Quick scan will give you an immediate diagnose of your system. For
comprehensive protection select a Total scan.  Or choose a Custom scan
to set exact files and folders to scan.

Stay Current with Latest Version

Double Anti-Spy’s Auto Update technology ensures you get the latest version of Double Anti-Spy (free for one year).

FREE Customer Support

Double Anti-Spy Professional is backed by knowledgeable and friendly
support experts who will help you through even the toughest spyware
problems. Unlike many of our competitors, we offer this email and phone
support absolutely FREE.

100% Protection Guarantee

If Double Anti-Spy fails to stop even one piece of spyware at any time
over the next year, we will refund 100% of your purchase price. No
questions asked. 

System Requirements
  • Windows XP, Windows Vista (32 or 64-bit) or Windows 7 (32 or 64-bit)

  • Internet connection required for updates




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