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SpyDLLRemover is the standalone tool to effectively detect and delete
spywares from the system. It comes with advanced spyware scanner which
quickly discovers hidden Rootkit processes as well suspcious/injected
DLLs within all running processes. It not only performs sophisticated
auto analysis on process DLLs but also displays them with various
threatlevels, which greatly helps in quick identification of malicious
DLLs. The DLL search feature helps in finding DLL within all running
processes using just partial or full name. Then user can choose to
remove the dll from single process or from all loaded processes with
just one click.

One of the unique feature of SpyDLLRemover is
its capability to free the DLL from remote process using advanced DLL
injection method which can defeat any existing Rootkit tricks. It also
uses sophisticated low level anti-rootkit techniques to uncover hidden
userland Rootkit processes as well as to terminate them.


  • Advanced Spyware Scanner which efficiently discovers hidden
    Rootkit processes as well as suspicious/injected DLLs within all
    running processes in the system.
  • Detection and removal of hidden userland Rootkit processes using sophisticated techniques such as
  • – Direct NT System Call Implementation
    – Process ID Bruteforce Method (PIDB) as first used by BlackLight
    – CSRSS Process Handle Enumeration Method

  • State of art technique for completely freeing the injected DLL from
    remote process based on advanced DLL injection method using low level
    implementation which defeats any blocking attempts by Rootkits. This is
    one of those unique features found only in SpyDLLRemover.
  • Sophisticated DLL auto analysis which helps in seperating out the
    legitimate modules/DLLs from the malicious ones. Such DLLs are
    displayed using different colors representing various threat levels for
    quicker and easier identification.
  • ‘Scan Settings’ option to fine tune the scanning operation based on user needs.
  • Inteli-Refresh of ‘Process Viewer’ leading to flicker free user experience.
  • Integrated online verification mechanism through ProcessLibrary.com to
    validate any suspcious DLLs. This makes it easy to differentiate
    between the spyware & legitimate DLLs.
  • DLL
    Tracer feature to search for dll within the running processes using
    partial or full name. Then user can choose to remove the dll from
    single process or from all loaded processes with just one click.
  • Sort the process/DLL in the list based on various parameters for easier and quicker analysis.
  • Detailed report generation of Spyware scanning result as well as
    process/DLL list in standard HTML format for offline investigation.
  • View the process/DLL properties for more information by just double clicking on the process/DLL entry in the list.
  • Feature to show all running processes in the system which has loaded
    the selected DLL. Also user can click on "Remove DLL from ALL’ button
    to quickly remove any such malicious DLL from all loaded processes.
  • Termination of suspicious or hidden process based on low level
    implementation which makes it very effective against any Rootkit
  • Displays detailed information about all running processes on the system
  • – Process name
    – Process Id
    – Session Id
    – Company Name
    – Product Name
    – Process Description
    – Memory Utilization
    – Process Binary Path
    – Process File Size
    – File Install Date

  • Shows detailed information about each loaded DLLs within process to make it easier for manual analysis.
  • – DLL Name
    – Company Name
    – Description
    – Comment about type of DLL (System, Hidden, Suspicious)
    – Load/reference count of DLL
    – Loading Type (static/dynamic)
    – DLL File Size
    – File Install Date
    – Base Address of DLL
    – Entry point of DLL
    – Full DLL File Path

  • It is standalone tool which does not require any installation and can be executed directly.
  • Enriched user interface along with more user friendly options makes it the cool tool.

What’s new in Version 3.0 :

  • This version extends support for
    Microsoft’s new operating system, Windows 7. Along with this, it
    introduces ‘Scan Settings’ option to allow the user to fine tune the
    scanning operation. Also it features improved heurestic analysis,
    enriched user interface, Intelli-Refresh of ‘Process Viewer’ etc.

What's New

  • Support for malicious DLL removal from system processes across session boundaries breaking the limitations imposed in Vista/Win7.


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