Acronis Internet Security Suite 2010 Build

248.8 MB
Operating System
Windows 7 Windows Vista Windows Xp

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Acronis Internet Security Suite

The Acronis Internet Security application was developed to protect your
family and their computers from phishing attacks, spyware and as many
as 10,000 new viruses created every week. Superior antivirus and Web
page scanning technologies keep you safe while e-mail scans block
annoying spam communications.  MSN Messenger and Yahoo! Live Messenger
instant messages are encrypted for privacy. Centralized management
allows the user to customize protection and parental controls on up to
three PCs. Personal information and sensitive files can be encrypted
and filed away from identity thieves.

Features of Acronis Internet Security Suite 2010

fely open files from people you know… and those you don’t:
Acronis Internet Security 2010 blocks malware from accessing personal
information found in your e-mails or created during Web activity. And,
it blocks Web pages that attempt to steal credit card data. You can
confidently carry out online banking tasks, shop the Web and browse the

Encrypt your instant messages automatically, play games without interruption:

· Acronis encrypts Yahoo! and MSN Messenger instant messaging traffic
to keep conversations private. If you are a gamer, Acronis Internet
Security 2010’s user-friendly interface can be set to eliminate
interruptions during game play.

Scans faster to lower system overhead:

· Acronis identifies known safe files that don’t need to be scanned and
moves on to those that do. This translates into faster scan speeds and
reduced CPU processing requirements. For mobile computers, this also
means more efficient battery use. An energy-saving Laptop Mode further
reduces battery life so you can extend your working window.

Multiple levels of interaction:

· Choose your user interface based on how much interaction you’d like
to have with Acronis Internet Security 2010. But whether you’re a
novice or an expert, you can be sure you’re well protected.

Scans all Web, e-mail and instant messaging traffic in real-time:
· Industry-leading technology protects against viruses and other
malware. Antispam protection blocks unwanted e-mail communications.

Blocks web pages that attempt to steal your credit card data:

· Protects your identity so you can shop and bank privately and securely.

Two-way firewall:

· Automatically secures your Internet connection wherever you are

Parental controls and network management:

· Parents can use a single console to control up to three computers,
allowing them to manage access to inappropriate Websites and e-mail or
to set limits to children’s access the Internet and games.


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