CA Anti-Spam Plus CA Website Inspector 2009

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CA Anti-Spam Plus

Key Features :

* Supports up to 3 PCs
* Helps block unwanted spam
* Helps prevent phishing attacks and email fraud
* Helps protect multiple email accounts
* Helps identify dangerous websites
* Integrates seamlessly with email, web, IM and office applications


Supports DKIM and SPF with Email Inspector to work with industry standard protocols to scan email, and thwart phishing attemps

Designed to Block Unwanted Spam by allowing only messages from your approved senders list to reach your Inbox – other mail is quarantined for you to review later

Helps Prevent Phishing Attacks and Email Fraud by verifying the authenticity of messages, and displaying a clear visual warning on suspicious emails

Works Simply and Easily with no complicated content filters to set up or manage

Protects Multiple Email Accounts for your Microsoft Exchange accounts and any POP3 mail accounts you have configured in Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Outlook Express or Microsoft Windows Mail

Integrates Seamlessly with Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Exchange with easy access to application features directly from the toolbar in Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Outlook Express or Microsoft Windows Mail

Email Search creates a search index of information stored in your email program, so you can quickly and easily find messages, attachments, contacts, appointments, journal entries and notes. For English-language Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Outlook Express or Microsoft Windows Mail only

Spam Score helps determine which messages are most likely to be spam, so you spend less time reviewing quarantined mail and are less likely to miss a good message

Supports Sender Score Certified to allow mail from valid senders of commercial email (for example, order confirmations from to be delivered to your Inbox

International Language Support automatically displays German, French, Italian, Spanish, Chinese or Japanese based on your Windows language settings, and properly filters spam sent for that language

Imports or Exports Approved Senders to allow you to migrate your Approved Senders list easily from one PC to another

Anti-Phishing (CA Website Inspector):

Helps provide protection against fraudulent and malicious websites by showing you who owns the site you are visiting, warning you when you’re accessing a potentially unsafe site, and providing you with an easy-to-understand risk assessments

Browser Toolbar shows you the physical address of the owner of the site you’re viewing, and provides the appropriate risk assessment and rating

Link Advisor works within email, instant messenger, web and office applications to show you information about the sites you intend to visit before you even click on them, simply by placing your mouse cursor over the link

Advanced Site Analysis Technology uses multiple databases, algorithms and site owner information sources to analyze web pages and identify risks

Risk Assessment Indicators provide a color-coded visual warning indicating whether the site is safe, low risk, or high risk, and offer in-depth information on the potential risks associated with the site

Rating and Alert Indicators evaluate a site’s consumer rating and warn of potential problems on the site

Data Protection helps guard against sending your personal information to risky sites, providing an alert that lets you decide if you want to send the information

Personal Information Protection allows you to define any word or phrase you want to keep private (for example, your address, phone number, account numbers, or social security number), warning you when you try to submit it to an untrustworthy site

Customizable Protection Levels let you choose to be alerted when you try to send a password, or other information you’ve marked as personal to an unapproved site

Optional Warning Sound plays a warning beep when you attempt to send protected information to unapproved sites, or when you visit a High Risk site

Report Submissions allow you to view and contribute to CA’s site database, informing CA of dangerous sites or trustworthy sites that you feel have been mislabeled

Program Support works with a variety of applications including Internet Explorer, Firefox, Microsoft Word, Outlook and Outlook Express, Windows Mail, Yahoo! Instant Messenger, ICQ, Google Talk, and more


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