LSN Password Safe

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LSN Password Safe

LSN Password Safe is easy to use password manager with integrated spyware protection. Maximum attention was paid by creation of LSN Password Safe to protect against spyware. Embedded, special protection is more effective than the common computer protection in many cases.

Anti-spyware protect the LSN Password Safe, both usual and screen keyboard. Anti-spyware does not require installation into the system and run with the program, by this way you can use this program relatively safe on another computer (for example, from a flash drive).


  • Integrated keystroke and mouse clicks capturing protection.
  • Cascade encryption with algorithms: Serpent, AES, Blowfish and non-standard.
  • Windows text capturing protection.
  • File protection and data theft prevention (Drive-dependent write).
  • Secure work on another computer.
  • The synchronization of files on multiple drives for data loss protect.
  • Secure virtual (screen) keyboard.
  • Memory protection (run-time encoding and wiping).
  • Integrated Captcha against emulators.
  • The backup will protect your data from any errors.
  • Drag-and-drop secure filling the text fields.
  • Clipboard protection.

What's New

Major new features include:

  • Version is fully compatible with version
  • The form [Open or Create Safe] support drag-and-drop files
  • Added Italian language
  • Added option to hide the Safe path by start of the program [Options/Security/Start with/Show Safe Path]

More New Features:

  • Fixed bug when creating a new Safe file in conjunction with the key file


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