VirusBuster Internet Security 6.1

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VirusBuster Internet Security Suite VirusBuster Internet Security Suite 64 bit

VirusBuster Internet Security Suite – Features

Efficient protection for network traffic – The product’s two-way firewall constantly monitors incoming and outgoing network traffic and blocks unauthorized access to the computer both from the local network and the Internet. As a first line of defense it prevents malware from spreading and provides protection against attacks, data loss, unknown malware and unauthorized application activities. It hides all ports rendering the computer invisible from potential attackers. The product is familiar with all network types and applies the required settings automatically when detecting a new network. Its intrusion detection blocks all known types of attacks preventing unauthorized access to the computer.

Proactive protection against different threats – VirusBuster Internet Security Suite’s host protection continuously monitors the operation of installed applications and protects the computer from any harmful activity. It blocks every sophisticated intrusion and data theft technique. The host protection analyses possible threats and displays warnings, blocks unknown attacks and unauthorized activities, providing a high level of protection against botnets and rootkits.

Self-protection – There are several types of malware which try to shut down security software before actually beginning their usual activities. The product protects its components very efficiently, therefore the protection can only be disabled or paused by authorized users.

Anti-malware – The product’s advanced combined anti-virus and anti-spyware module provides continuous protection for the computer against malware. It scans all e-mail attachments and enables on-demand scanning so that different internal or external storage devices can be scanned at any time. Scans can be scheduled and any paths can be excluded from scanning.

Safe browsing – The product automatically blocks all sites, which are potentially dangerous for the user as they are known malware or phishing sites. The list of dangerous sites is regularly updated, but can be customized as well. You can specify personal information (passwords or credit card numbers), which cannot be transferred from the computer to protect them from unauthorized access. The product is able to block all active content on web sites to improve the safety of browsing and the visitied sites provide a much cleaner look without unneeded advertisements.

Spam filtering – The product’s built-in Bayesian spam filter will get rid of unsolicited e-mails and keeps your mailbox clean. The filter can be trained by the user, therefore it becomes more efficient with each day and will filter junk mail according to the user’s individual needs.

Easy to use and comfortable protection – If you use a portable computer, it is not needed to set a new protection level every time you connect to a new network as the product will automatically handle it according to its settings. VirusBuster Internet Security Suite’s built-in entertainment mode provides constant protection while playing games or watching movies without any warnings or dialogs, which may disturb your entertainment.


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