Cinelerra 4.1

Heroine Virtual
49.1 MB
Operating System

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Cinelerra Cinelerra - Ubuntu 9.04

Cinelerra supports OpenGL shaders on NVidia graphics cards. The video crunching power that was once exclusively the domain of SGI minicomputers is now yours. NVidia users can run many effects in realtime instead of rendering them. OpenGL also opens up new video resolutions, up to 4096×4096 on high end cards. Cinelerra does not support every codec ever invented, but it does support the most common WMV and FLV derivatives well enough to transcode them into a format suitable for editing. MPEG video can be edited straight off the DVD. H.264 or MPEG-4 on Quicktime is the standard export format.

For most operations on a modern computer, you can get comfortable speed without a renderfarm. But just so you know, it’s there. Renderfarm is supported for rendering and background rendering, creating a theoretically unlimited maximum speed. The biggest difference between this renderfarm and normal renderfarms is you don’t need to pay for node licenses. You can keep installing nodes without paying for either the operating system or the application.  Access OpenEXR, the official file format of Lucasfilm. Access CR2 images from Canon EOS digital cameras in floating point. Adjust color levels without losing information. Never have to guess how far out of range the colors are. Save high dynamic range intermediates for multiple steps without losing data.


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