Back2Life 2.7

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The Recycle Bin for Windows has been designed to protect files from accidental erasure, but what happens if you want to recover a file deleted from the Recycle Bin itself? Viruses will not send anything to the Recycle Bin! Give Back2Life a chance to find and unerase those files!

Back2Life is a handy undelete and data recovery utility for Windows. Looking similar to Windows Explorer, it provides access to erased files and folders that are beyond the reach of the Recycle Bin. No special skills are needed – treat erased files and folders just like normal ones.

Features of Back2Life

· Recovery of files on normal and reformatted drives
· Disk types: local hard disks, removable disks (Floppies, ZIP, JAZZ and other), USB Sticks (Flash drives), CD-R and CD-RW, digital camera memory flash cards
· File system types: FAT12, FAT16, FAT32, NTFS and CDFS
· Scanning disk clusters for orphan and nameless folders (Deep Scan)
· Scanning with file filter
· Searching for files in the scan result list
· Restoring stand-alone files and entire folders with erased files (including subfolders)
· Restoring erased and existing file (for example, existing but unreadable or locked by system)
· Standard and Smart recovery algorithms
· HEX view of files and folders binary content
· Cluster-use map display for erased files
· Estimate of file damage
· Windows Shell integration
· Showing properties of disks, files and folders


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