Backup&Synchronize Pro 8.3

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Backup&Synchronize Pro 8.3

Because loosing files in a digital world can become a true disaster as well for professional as for home user, Backup&Synchronize offers an easy way to keep safe your essential data.

Backup&Synchronize is able to copy and synchronize data between two folders,  a folder and a compressed folder (zip file), or between a folder and a distant server through internet FTP connection.

Backup&Synchronize supports network drives, external disks including USB devices and CD/DVD. Source and target can be anywhere on a network. To add more security, Backup&Synchronize supports multiple targets. At the same time you can synchronize your files, towards one or more folders over a network, a zip file (compressed folder), and a distant FTP server.

When settings have been defined, you can save the definition to a script. The script will be reused to run a synchronization manually or to schedule a task to run it automatically and transparently at a specified date and time. Backup&Synchronize is able to copy or compress open files even locked by another process (support Microsoft’s Visaul Shadow Copy technology). With Source >> Target method, Backup&Synchronize allows the user to keep up to 10 versions of the same file.

Compressed folder (zip file) can be protected by a password. Backup&Synchronize can use strong encryption method (AES 128 and AES 256) beside standard zip password. Backup&Synchronize manages Meta Script. A meta script can include 2 or more scripts. A meta script can be scheduled or run manually.

Backup&Synchronize maintains an History file. It is a log file where the user can check what it has been done. The History is also available from the Windows Explorer. Each time a script is run an email can be sent to inform the user about the process.A clone function allows you to clone partitions or a physical disk.



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