BestSync 2010 5.1.00

BestSync 2009 is a professional folder/file synchronization utility, for sync/backup files between your local folders and Network Drives, FTP servers, Removable Media (such as an USB disk). BestSync 2009 has an easy to use user interface and  many advanced features.

BestSync 2009 is capable of :

File Backup: Automatically backup your critical data to external storage, NAS,  FTP, network volume by  a flexible schedule. Supports "Volume Shadow Copy" service to copy open/locked file, and  manages the historical versions.  Supports Incremental and full backups.  Supports Real-time synchronization to backup files immediately after the files are changed.   Outlook Backup, BestSync uses MAPI to backup only new mails and contacts to external storage, FTP, network volume with encryption feature.

FTP Sync: Synchronize files with a FTP server using the encryption and compression feature in both direction. Automatically download/upload files from/to FTP server. BestSync can resume a file transfer from the last breakpoint to ensure that large files be transferred successfully. BestSync also supports the FTP proxy server, enterprise users can synchronize files behind the firewall.

USB Sync, Outlook Sync: Synchronize file/Outlook (mail, contact, schedule etc)  between home and office by USB disk with the encryption feature.  All you need to do, is to insert the USB disk into the home PC, and all the updated files will be compressed and encrypted to the USB disk. Later at the company PC, when you insert the USB disk, all the updated files will be decrypted and decompressed to the PC!

File Sync, PC Sync: Keep files the same between branch companies or subsidiary companies by NAS, Shared folder, or FTP server. Because only changed files are transferred, network load is light. 

Web Publish: Publish only changed files to your web site by using the FTP protocol with FrontPage support. Only updated files are transferred to your website, Deleted files are also removed. This substantially reduces synchronization time, and there are no annoying dialog boxes to disturb your work.

Business Suitable: BestSync has unique features, such as Run as Windows Service for which no user login is needed;  Real-time synchronization function to synchronize files as soon as they are changed; Fast filtering engine; Preview window and Log view window; Old version management; Easy-to-use user interface; etc.

New in this Version:

  • Synchronize Windows Mail/Outlook Express.
  • Added bandwidth limit feature.
  • Improved the performance of real-time synchronization.
  • Fast Scan: Scan multiple folders simultaneously to shorten the prepare time.
  • Fast Sync: Copy multiple files simultaneously shorten the synchronization time.
  • Fast Download! Download the large file by multiple FTP sessions to shorten the download time.
  • More easy to use preview window.



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