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ExcelFIX 5.59

ExcelFIX is the best program for the recovery of data from a Microsoft Excel file that shows an error on opening. ExcelFIX is the only one that recovers charts, images, comments, merged cells, groups and outlines, subtotals, and all the formula elements including names, external references and multi-sheet ranges.

Recovering Excel files takes only 15 minutes, and is done safely and confidentially in your own computer. It works with Microsoft Excel 95, 97, 2000, 2002 (XP), 2003, 2007 and 2010. ExcelFIX is the highest rated Excel document recovery tool in the market.


  • All formulas. ExcelFIX is the software utility that best recovers formulas. It is the only one, for example, that can recover names, external references and multi-sheet ranges.
  • Charts. ExcelFIX is the only software utility that recovers charts.
  • Cell comments. Only ExcelFIX recovers cells comments.
  • Accurate cell appearance. ExcelFIX is the only one that recovers merged cells and that preserves fonts, borders, colors and patterns exactly as in the original XLS file with no distortion.
  • Images. ExcelFIX is the only software that recovers embedded images.
  • Other important elements. Only ExcelFIX recovers other elements such as group and outline, subtotals, printer settings and page breaks.

Download ExcelFIX now, recover your damaged file in your own computer and view your data in a few minutes. ExcelFIX works with all Microsoft Windows versions.




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