Fwbackups 1.43.3 RC 4

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BackUp and Recovery

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fwbackups is a feature-rich user backup program that allows you to backup your documents anytime, anywhere. It is completely free to download and use without any sort of trial or restrictions. In fact, fwbackups is open-source, which means anybody can use, share it and improve it.

Features of Fwbackups

Simple interface:
· Configuring new backups or restoring documents from a previous backup is a breeze.

· It doesn’t matter if you’re running Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X or Linux – fwbackups will protect you from data loss. This also makes fwbackups handy if you’d like to move your files from one computer to another – just make a backup on one machine and restore it on the other.

Flexible backup configuration:
· Our development team didn’t sacrifice any features when designing fwbackups. Choose between a variety of backup format and backup modes, including the archive format and clone copy mode for recovering data off of damaged disks
· Backup your files to any computer: fwbackups can backup files to locally attached media like USB memory keys or to a remote computer such as a backup server, making it perfect for both home and corporate environments.

Backup the entire computer:
· Create archives images of so that the entire operating system, documents and applications are safe
Scheduled and one-time backups:
· Choose to run a backup once (on demand) or periodically so you never have to worry about losing your data again.


· Make your backups faster by copying only the changes since your last backup with the incremental backup modes.
Exclude files or folders:
· Don’t waste space on your disks by backing up files you don’t need.

Organized and clean:
· fwbackups takes care of the organization of backups, including the removal of expired ones so you don’t have to worry about organizing the backups. It also lets you select a backup to restore from with a list of dates.


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