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PixFix 3.6 Build 9179

PixFix – next generation technology to recover photos. PixFix can effectively locate and recover deleted photos from hard disks, cameras, USB memory sticks and media cards, even when they’ve been reformatted or corrupted. PixFix reads NTFS and FAT 32, 16 and 12 file systems (commonly used on cameras). In addition, PixFix supports the following memory cards; Compact Flash, MicroDrive, SmartMedia & MultiMedia cards, Standard, Micro & Mini Secure Digital (including High Capacity) & Sony Memory Sticks.

PixFix is FREE for most users. There are no time limitations and the vast majority of images can be readily recovered by the free version which has a generous 1mb recovery capability. To recover files over 1mb in size or to activate secure eradication of deleted but recoverable files, requires a low-cost ($19.95) upgrade. If you decide you want a license, simply go on-line to our web site. No further downloading will be necessary and your license code will be immediately available.

PixFix is safe. The software performs READ-ONLY operations except where the user requests recoverable file traces be erased. Otherwise, no data is ever moved or modified in any way and is completely non-destructive. PixFix requires no installation before use. The software can be copied anywhere (even a USB stick) and run for immediate photo recovery, saving the photos you choose to the location you specify.

PixFix is easy to use. Select the drive or media to examine and with one click, PixFix will test render every deleted image and part image located there, showing exactly what’s recoverable in a convenient thumbnail format.

PixFix is fast. PixFix excludes mapped data as it progresses and forensically scans only those areas populated with unallocated data. This enables PixFix to cope with the largest of the new high capacity drives with unrivalled speed and accuracy.

PixFix can erase. When we delete a photograph on our computer or media, it can often be recovered. PixFix allows you to view what deleted images can be recovered and to permanently erase any image beyond any hope of recovery as if it had never been there. (Requires upgrade license to activate). Image wiping works with all magnetic media such as disk drives, memory cards and USB sticks as well as devices such as phones or cameras which can be connected as USB devices. PixFix image wiping WILL NOT WORK on optical media such as CDs or DVDs or (for safety reasons) on drives hosting the Vista operating system.


  • Plug-in and go for instant file recovery
  • Capable of permanently erasing deleted photos (XP)
  • No time limitations or expiry date.
  • Works with all media, drives, portable storage, cameras
  • Free version recovers photos up to 1mb
  • Requires no installation, even runs from a USB drive
  • Recognises NTFS, Windows FAT 32, 16 and 12
  • Fully enabled for Vista and Windows XP
  • Scan a typical hard drive in a few minutes
  • Dedicated photo recovery support and repair
  • Recover files from corrupted or reformatted drives


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