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Recovery Toolbox for Excel

Recovery Toolbox for Excel is a special tool for quick and easy recovery of damaged Microsoft Excel
files. It can help the users to avoid the loss of important data most
often processed using spreadsheets, such as statistical, economic,
science information, etc. Recovery Toolbox for Excel uses the following method. First the program scans the specified Microsoft Excel
worksheet and gets all available information from it. Some data can be
lost if the file is seriously damaged, but if the program can recover
information, it will recover and show it. If the user needs the
information recovered from the damaged folder, a single mouse click is
enough to export the data to Microsoft Excel and continue
working with it. What’s quite important, the source file remains
unchanged during the work of the program, which only reads information
from it. After that, you can edit the information and/or save it to
another worksheet.

Recovery Toolbox for Excel can do the following:

  • Recover style of table
  • Recover number formats (except colors, used in a number format)
  • Recover fonts
  • Recover worksheets
  • Recover columns width and rows height
  • Recover cell data of workbook
  • Recover all types of formula including functions, internal, external and name references
  • Recover cells format (font, number format, line style, fill pattern, text orientation an alignment)
  • Recover colors of cells
  • Recover colors of cell’s borders
  • Repair xlsx files of Office 2007


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