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ReInstallWiz 1.0

How many times have you had to reinstall your favorite applications on a new machine?  The process is both time consuming and fraught with error.  There is no support within Windows for this operation other that looking at the old machine and trying to reinstall the applications on the new machine from memory.  The process is even worse when you reload your machine from a backup, because you have nothing to look at to see what applications were installed before the backup was restore.

Moving to Windows 7 from Windows XP or Windows 2000 is easy with ReInstallWiz:
So you want to migrate to the latest version of Windows,  but you can’t, because your version of Windows is too old to upgrade, or you want to upgrade to a version of the OS that is not supported by your current OS, such as going from Windows XP to Windows 7.  Microsoft states that even though this upgrade is supported, it requires a clean install of the new OS.  ReInstallWiz can help.  Just run ReInstallWiz before you install Windows 7, and it will create a snapshot of your installed applications. 

Then use the Windows Easy transfer to copy your data files and settings.  This will include the ReInstallWiz snapshot you just took.  After you install Windows 7, use the Windows Easy Transfer to restore your data files and settings.  Then install and run ReInstallWiz.  ReInstallWiz will then reinstall all your favorite applications using the snapshot that was saved by the Windows Easy Transfer.  You can choose which applications to remove or add, so you are in complete control.


  • Low Cost
  • Fast, Friendly, Easy to use interface
  • Faster than Add/Remove Programs
  • Quickly uninstall several programs at once
  • Flexible configuration allows you to control the default behavior
  • Automatic application discovery scheduling
  • Automatic backup of Installed Applications Database
  • MS Task scheduler interface eliminates separate scheduling service
  • Reports in HTML, Text and CSV formats
  • Command line interface
  • Supports Windows 2000 and above
  • Easy install
  • Easy to use


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