SoftRescue Pro 1.5

SoftRescue Pro Edition is the most accurate and reliable utility that transfer software, games, files and email between computers.

Anovasoft AS has developed this amazing tool to help people with setting up their new computers. Reinstalling all your programs can take days, even weeks to finalize. SoftRescue Pro Edition is not going to break any speed records, but you can leave the entire reinstallation hassle to the Pro Edition “auto pilot”. You can get back to doing something entirely different than wasting your time looking for CDs, license keys and reinstalling applications.

This is the perfect tool for those who just bought a new PC, or for those who is planning a reinstallation of Windows. In addition to preserve all your applications and games, it secures a completely virus, worms, hijacker and spyware free operating system. You have surely reinstalled Windows a few times because of oncoming slow performance due to virus infection, hijackers, spyware and for somewhat other reason. The reinstallation of Windows in its self is no problem, but to reinstall all your applications, games, updates, patches and configurations is a whole different ballgame. Unlike traditional installation procedures where popup windows needs your attention, our new Grab&Restore technology makes sure that you don’t have to be present when during transfer. SoftRescue Pro Edition will save you days of frustrating reinstallation work.


  • Transfer your software, files & settings from your old PC, to your new PC.
  •  Fast and easy installation on all supported Windows platforms.
  •  Easy to use interface with step-by-step walkthrough.
  •  Manual select and Drag&Drop features.
  •  Manual drive selection for safe placement of transfer file.
  •  Very high compression level with up to 1:2 ratio.
  •  Live update feature provides full auto-update
  •  Desktop and start menu transfer.


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