Uranium Backup 8.0 Beta

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Uranium Backup 8.0 Beta

Uranium is a lightweight and non-intrusive software, constituted by only one executable file that include all program’s features. The installation is very fast and safe, because it doesn’t modify any system configuration, as like as uninstallation. Finally, Uranium is optimized to use minimum system resources.

What Uranium Backup can do:

  • Tape Backup: One of the simplest and most versatile tape backup software in the world. Compatible with any tape format (DAT, DDS, DLT, SDLT, AIT, VXA, LTO, etc…) and any tape drive interface (SCSI, IDE, USB, SAS, etc…).  The easiest and most affordable solution for Windows Vista/7 and Server 2008 Tape Backup.
  • CD/DVD/HD-DVD/Blu-Ray Burning: Backup to any type of optical media: CD-R/RW, DVD-R/RW, DVD+R/RW, BD-R/RE, HD-DVD-R/RW and DVD-RAM media are supported, including modern high-capacity double layer DVD+R, dual layer DVD-R, Blu-Ray and HD-DVD. Uranium can also create multisession discs and ISO files.
  • SQL Server Backup and Restore: Microsoft SQL Server database backup (including Express Edition), with integrated zip compression and encryption. It allows to schedule an unlimited number of database backup/restore tasks and copy backup files to Tape, DVD, FTP, LAN, etc…
  • FTP and SFTP – Upload and Download: Uranium can backup your data to a remote computer using FTP or SFTP protocols, with zip compression and encryption. You can also use these functions to automatically update one or more web sites or to download entire web sites. Complete FTP/SFTP Client application included.
  • Backup to disk, network, zip compression, synchronization: Copy of files and folders to local disks, external USB/Firewire/SATA Hard Disks, NAS servers, iOmega REV Drives, RDX drives, network computers, etc… With zip compression, encryption, deletion of old files, mirroring and a large number of options.
  • Automatic scheduled backups: You can schedule automatic backup executions daily, weekly, monthly, hourly, etc… Integrated scheduler and background execution (run as service).
  • E-mail notifications: Automatic e-mail sending of the backup logs to one or more addresses, to be always warned about the result of the backup operations.



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