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LinkyCat is a powerful universal bookmark manager. LinkyCat allows you to work with bookmarks no matter what browsers are installed on your computer. A bookmark is not just the URL of a resource in LinkyCat. Along with the URL, LinkyCat stores its description, keywords, name, icon and other useful information that will help you remember the purpose of each bookmark.

LinkyCat will automatically check bookmarks for availability and updates. Unavailable bookmarks are highlighted in red, updated bookmarks are highlighted in green. Bookmarks in LinkyCat have the same hierarchy as Internet websites and the file system of a computer, thus LinkyCat is one of the easiest programs for storing bookmarks. LinkyCat has a powerful system for bookmark import and export. It supports all of the most popular browsers and bookmark formats. You can easily move bookmark collections that already exist from your browsers to LinkyCat in just a few mouse clicks.

Features of LinkyCat

* Quick access to bookmarks, even in a huge collection.
* LinkyCat will clearly and easily display all information about a bookmark.
* Conveniently arranged bookmarks imitating the hierarchy of websites.
* Full UNICODE support. All world languages can be used.
* The built in support of 35 browsers.
* You will not have to read help before you start working.


* IE 5.0 or later or Opera 8 or later compatible browser.


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