iShield Plus 3.2

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iShield Plus 3.2

iShield Plus is an complete Parental Control solution for protection against computer based pornography and illegal web content. iShield Plus allows you to control Internet surfing times and determine which software applications are OK to run. iShield Plus also monitors Internet Communications and safeguards personal information. Incident Reports document potential problems for your review. iShield Plus is designed for ease of use and can be set up for individual members of the family with minimal fuss.

iShield Plus takes a unique approach to identifying potentially offensive Internet images and preventing them from being displayed while you surf the Internet. It uses a few processes to protect you before any image is displayed on your PC. iShield Plus captures the active window at regular intervals and extracts the images and text to analyze. Digital image processing determines if an image is potentially pornographic. Our innovative technology analyzes images with Skin Tone Detection, Texture Detection, Edge Detection, Mass Detection, Limb Detection, Face Detection.

iShield Plus’s text analysis process uses a classifier that was developed using the Bayesian Network algorithm and implemented in iShield Plus as a method of recognizing words/phrases considered in the context of other words/phrases. This analyzing technique is more accurate compared to the common simplistic keyword approach implemented in most filters and it supports Arabic, Thai, Russian, French and German.

iShield Plus scans the metadata and examines text in the Title, Keywords and Description field of a webpage header. It checks the website’s internet rating labels from reputable content rating body such as RSACi, SafeSurf and PICS amongst others and does an analysis of text, images, links and structure of any visited website’s.


  • Comprehensive Pornography Detection
  • Disk Drive Scanning
  • Monitoring Communications
  • Incident Reports
  • Safe and Productive Internet and Application Usage 


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