CDMenu 2.30.01

Klaus Schwenk Software
3.1 MB
Operating System
Windows All
CD/DVD Tools

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CDMenu LE is an inexpensive light-weight version of CDMenuPro. This
edition has been developed to provide home users on a smaller budget the
opportunity to purchase a less expensive autorun software product for
their DVD and CD menu projects. For this reason the CDMenu LE version is
restricted to home use.

CDMenu Editor
With CDMenu and help from a WYSIWYG editor you can design your own
menu interface in no time at all. Launching files (HTML, PPT, PPS,
XLS, DOC, TXT,…) or programs is made child’s play. CDMenu generates
all files required for autostart (Autorun.inf).

Program start und document start
The buttons can be used to link any registered document or any program.
CDMenu itself has the "know-how" required to launch files along with
their applications. This means, for instance, that HTML files can
be simply linked with a button. CDMenu locates the browser installed
on the system, starts the browser and displays the HTML file.


Add a designer-created splash screen and even background music. With
the Trailer feature, CDMenu offers users instant information about
the CD.

Drive icon and program icon
A Bitmap Icon Converter assists with the creation of individual icons.
These icons can be used as hard-drive and/or program icons. A tutorial
on the creation of icons is available here.

CDMenu as a front-end program
CDMenu is of course not restricted to use with the auto-start. It
can also be used for disks as a front-end program or as a desktop

No individual runtime module
Another of CDMenu’s benefits lies in the fact that it requires no
runtime module, runtimes or DLLS, etc. to be installed on the target
system. CDMenu makes no changes to the registry or other system or
Ini-files, meaning there is no need for CDMenu to be installed on
the target system.


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