CDMenuPro Business Edition 6.40.00

Klaus Schwenk Software
11.1 MB
Operating System
Windows All
CD/DVD Tools

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CDMenuPro Business Edition

CDMenuPro has been developed for you to create impressive Autorun CD
applications for use on CD ROMs, DVDs and USB Flash Drives without any
previous programming knowledge.

It comes with a large number of project assistants, templates and
software that enable anyone to create professional results in no time at

Using drag-&-drop technology it is easy to drag the documents or
menu objects
that you require into the menu window.

CDMenuPro Features

  • Creating an Autorun menu for a CD, DVD and USD
    drive (USB Flash Drive: the autorun feature for this medium was
    introduced with Windows Vista)
  • Launch programs or presentations
  • Open document files
  • Open and display local internet pages and intranet
    pages using the default browser or the CDMenuPro Html-Viewer.
  • Open a pre-addressed email application.
  • Open and display a folder using the Windows
  • Embeddable viewer for
    Txt-,Rtf-,Bmp-,Gif-,Jpg-,Dib-,Wmf-,Emf-,Ico- files
  • Embeddable player for intro persentations (created
    with IntroCreator)
  • External Image Viewer for
    Bmp-,Gif-,Jpg-,Dib-,Wmf-,Emf-,Ico- files
  • External Text Viewer for Txt-,Rtf-,Htm-,Html- files
  • Flash-Player (Royalty Free)
  • External AVI-Player
  • Embeddable AVI-Clip
  • Integrated sound player
  • Speaker control
  • Background sound and button sound
  • Document and function links can be created in
    conjunction with buttons, menu bars and pop-up menus; documents and
    programs can also be linked via a Listbox entry
  • Full-text search
  • Copy assistant (copy folders from CD to hard drive)
  • Creates all the files necessary for the CD Autorun
  • Using graphics to create a background and buttons
    makes it possible to design the menu to suit your needs
  • Rectangular, oval or round menu windows with or
    without title bars
  • Fully customizable user interface
  • Buttons available in the following styles: Windows,
    Bitmap, Office, Outlook, Hyperlink, Image.
  • Up to 1000 sub-menu pages per project
  • You can integrate your own intros
  • AVI-Trailer
  • Startup Splash Screen
  • Optional: Menu access control (Password, License
  • Optional: The ability to protect data on the CD
    against unauthorized access
  • Tooltips
  • Icon Converter (Bmp to Icon)
  • Project wizards
  • Drag & Drop – Interface
  • Template-Browser and project templates
  • The players, viewers, the PowerPoint and Pdf
    Starters can be added to the CD (Royalty Free)
  • Resource Compiler (adds the resource files
    belonging to your menu into the menu application file)
  • Insert your copyright and file information into the
    menu application
  • Can be tested in a virtual drive
  • Easy to use
  • No programming knowledge required
  • Detailed documentation
  • Training cards featuring a large number of loadable
  • CDMenuPro is easy to use and easy to learn
  • After sales support free of charge
  • Operating system: Windows



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