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SecureCD Creator 1.31

SecureCD Creator is a transparent (on-the-fly) and autorunable  CD/DVD encryption software, which allows you can quickly make a password protected CD/DVD.  Create, Archive, and Distribute Digital data files in a CD protected by encryption. A CDR encryption product, has a digital encryption drivers embedded in it. The user can create unlimited photos or other data files so long as storage capacity remains on the CDR.

The user can save data files in a CDR protected by SecureCD Creator, and can generate a auto-running executable file for distribution. Sensitive personal information, valuable R&D material, government and corporate secrets and other confidential data is often the subject of abuse by unauthorized persons due to its sensitivity.
Data backup of such sensitive information to hard disk is vulnerable to electronic tampering, hacking or hijacking.

CDR is the best choice for offline digital backup as one can physically keep CDRs in a safe place. CDEncryption comes with security program modules embedded into the CD-R which encryption,and write data back onto Security CDs. Whilst a Security CDs can be duplicated, it will not run when copied onto other media. The encrypted data is un-extractable by any means without the password. The SecureCD Creator use AES 256 and SHA256 bit algorithm, running at high security level. SecureCD Creator will give quadruple security for valuable data protection.

Generally, SecureCD Creator can use for the following four ways:

  • Create and archive sensitive data files into a encrypted iso file, mount to a CD-ROM by SecureCD Creator CD-ROM emulator for using.
  • Burn sensitive data files in to CDR/DVDR for keeping, giving-away or distributing.
  • Using SecureCD Creator as a normal iso file editor for creating, editing an iso file.
  • using SecureCD Creator as a normal virtual CD-ROM emulator in computer.


  • Support for Creating, editing an iso9660 files.
  • Support for burning iso and encrypted iso files.
  • Using 256 bit AES arithmetic, support high security level.
  • Encrypted CDR or iso file support auto-running.
  • The encrypted data in CDR is un-accessble by any means without the password.
  • Support for the newest windows system——VISTA.
  • Support for AMD64 and intel EM64T computer.


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