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Virtual Drive Creator

The DOS SUBST command is a very powerful tool, even in Windows. It allows you to use a single (available) drive letter to specify a path which could be any number of folders deep, e.g. "c:folder1folder2folder 3….foldern" . Virtual Drive Creator (VDC) does exactly the same thing. 

Select a letter in the “Available Virtual Drive Letters” list. You can use the cursor keys to select your letter or Click the letter with your left mouse button. You can then, using the Drive and Folder Lists, browse to the folder you want set to the selected Virtual Drive letter. Click the “Add Virtual Drive” button to set the virtual drive for this session. Click the “Make Permanent” button to make the virtual drive permanent. Or, Click the Cancel button to abort the operation.

You can also input the full path first, then Double Click on the letter. This will create your virtual drive while bypassing the “Add Virtual Drive” button. Be sure of the full path before Double Clicking the letter!


What’s New?

Version 2.2.2

Corrected several problems associated with the Hidden Folder support.


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