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Eyeball Chat

Eyeball Chat is a great application which allows you to communicate with your buddies, video chat live with friends and family, record and send video messages and meet new people in the chat rooms.

  • Voice and video chat live with friends and family including multi-party conferencing
  • Keep in touch with friends and family with using rich presence and instant messaging
  • Chat with your AIM, Google Talk, MSN, and Yahoo! buddies
  • One-to-one and multi-party text-chat with friends and family
  • Manage your contact list and phone book
  • Meet new people in the Eyeball Chat Rooms
  • Share files, music and photos with millions of users
  • Advanced calling features like call hold/unhold, call transfer, and call forward
  • PC-to-Phone calls using PSTN gateways


Text Chatting
Send text messages in real-time to your friends (1-1 and multy-party).

File Transfer and Photo-sharing
Send files instantly to a friend while you are chatting or in a call. Drag-n-Drop and share your favorite photo while you are chatting or in a call.




IM with AIM, Google Talk, MSN and Yahoo! buddies
Instant messaging with friends who use AIM, Google Talk, MSN and Yahoo!, right from Eyeball Chat.

PC-to-PC calls
Make voice calls to your buddies (Eyeball only) for free (microphone and speakers/headset required).

Video Conferencing
Visual collaboration among three or more people. Eyeball Chat supports video conferencing up to 5 people.


While you are in a video call, click on ‘Picture-in-Picture’ button to see your video in buddy’s video window.

Take snapshot anytime of your video chat.



PC-to-Phone calls
Call friends on their regular or mobile phones from Eyeball Chat using PSTN gateways.

Custom Avatars

Represent yourself with a stylized, graphic image.






Chat Room
Eyeball Chat Rooms with privacy features makes it easy to meet new people.


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