Handybits Voice Mail 5.5

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Handybits Voice Mail 5.5

If you are tired of typing e-mail messages, this tool is  for you. With Voice Mail you can create and e-mail sound messages to your friends. Simply click the Record button, talk, and then click the Stop and Send buttons. That’s it.

Integrated sound recorder – with this feature you can record and play your messages with one single mouse click. Even more, you can adjust the volume and microphone level inside the Voice Mail window.


  • GSM compression – with this feature you can reduce the size of the e-mail message up to 10 times. This makes you able to send your voice messages over the Net 10 times faster!!!
  • The compression is the same as the one used by your GSM cell phone, when transmitting your conversations.
  • Compatible with all e-mail programs – To send your messages, Voice Mail uses standard Windows MAPI, which makes it compatible with virtually any e-mail clients.
  • Compatible with all sound driver configurations – Voice Mail records your message into a Wave file. Wave is a standard format that is widely supported, so that your messages can be played virtually on any computers equipped with a sound card.
  • Drag & Attach Window – with this feature you can easily drag your Voice Mail message and add it to an existing e-mail message (e.g. when you are replying to others).
  • Multi-Language Support – the program supports our MLS technology. Just choose from the language list inside the program, and it will appear to you in your preferred language. Languages are changed on the fly, no additional plug-ins required; everything is in the same installation.
  • Useful tips banner – Context sensitive tips are shown in the top section of the window, here you will learn how to use the program in the most convenient way.
  • Online services – You can go to the help menu, click on "Product Support", and get connected to our support service via the web.


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