Live Support Chat for Web Site 5.4.4

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Operating System
Windows All

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Live Support Chat for Web Site

The system supports 128-bit SSL encryption and features visitor monitoring with geographic location identification, proactive chat, operator-to-operator chats, and automatic chat transcript emailing. Very easy to set up -just paste a small HTML snippet into your web page source code. Live Support Chat will help you provide support to your website visitors.

Features of Live Support Chat for Web Site

  • Autorun when Windows Starts allows you to be available for your web site visitors as soon as you turn your computer on.
  • Minimizing to Windows System Tray saves space in the task bar. Operator console will pop up automatically when you receive a visitor’s call.
  • Geo Location Map allows you to see geographical location of your web site visitors in real time on a world map.
  • Spell Checker makes your support more professional providing instant spell checking when you are typing a message.
  • Operator Profiles allow you to run several operator consoles connected to different operator profiles or accounts on one computer.



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