MagicCamera 6.4.0

13.5 MB
Operating System
Windows All

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Magic Camera is a useful webcam software that enhances the way people video chat.

Amazing Webcam Effects

  • Add funny frames on webcam video.
  • Lots of amazing webcam transform effects.
  • Real-time change webcam background. You can make webcam effects like raining inside your house!
  • Webcam face tracking & mask effects.
  • Enable doodling on webcam video.
  • Pop up cool webcam animations and webcam emotions on videos.
  • Image overlay & Video overlay.
  • Support Flash files(SWF & Flv) overlay.
  • Type text directly on the webcam video to "chat" with your friends.
  • User can create and customize their own free webcam effects by changing the effect’s source, position, size, transparent, etc.

Virtual Webcam for Live Broadcast & Webcam Chat

Your customized software webcam! Magic Camera simulates a fake webcam and set pre-recorded videos, photos or desktop screens as its input.

  • Play movie for friends or trick your chat mate with a fake video to protect your privacy in webcam chat rooms.
  • Streaming your pre-recorded webcam videos to live broadcast sites like
  • Support adjusting play speed. The broadcast bitrate is controllable. Exclusive!
  • Capture screen and live broadcast it.
  • Free Screen Capture! User can adjust capturing position, size and speed at any time, even capturing is running! (most screen capture software can not do this). By this feature, you can live broadcast anything you can see in your screen, live forward/redirect youtube online videos, record free live videos or co-work with your friends, etc.



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