Winpopup LAN Messenger 5.3

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Winpopup LAN Messenger 5.3

Winpopup LAN Messenger is a powerful communication tool for small to medium groups of users within a local network. The winpopup is an ideal business solution for secure network messaging without the need of a server.

There are a host of attractive the winpopup features that will appeal to any basic user and speedy message delivery is guaranteed. Office workers or students can send attached documents for instant discussion of the work.

With a user-friendly interface, the winpopup is easy to set up, simple to use and does not need administering. Inform others of your presence or absence by selecting one of the user status options.

Simply install and start messaging in real time on a secure and private local network connection. Effective immediately, every customer who downloads Winpopup LAN Messenger gets three free licenses for the product.

Communicate instantly with a group of employees, having an on-line conference  with a few mouse clicks. You can have an unlimited number of sessions open at the same time, each session supporting either a single person chat or a group conference.

Winpopup LAN Messenger has powerful group management, allowing users create private and common groups. Private groups are typical for all instant messengers, and are created by every user to help arrange multiple contacts in a meaningful way. However, Winpopup LAN Messenger supports a different type of groups called ‘common groups’. These groups are defined by administrator. Users can join or leave these common groups only if allowed by the administrator.

Winpopup LAN Messenger uses modern protocol, and does not require an external connection to the Internet. All messages remain within your corporate network. No information is ever transmitted outside of your LAN.



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