Windows Media Player DVD Decoder Plug-ins for Windows XP

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Windows Xp

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CinePlayer DVD Decoder Cyberlink PowerDVD SE DVD XPack

If you are running Windows XP, you can enhance your DVD playback
experience by purchasing a DVD decoder pack. To find out if you already
have a DVD decoder installed on your Windows XP–based computer and
whether it is compatible with Windows Media Player, install and run the
Windows XP Video Decoder Checkup Utility.

Here are some Windows Media Player DVD Decoder (MPEG-2) Plug-ins for Windows Xp based computers:-

1. CinePlayer DVD Decoder for Windows XP:
Sonic CinePlayer DVD Decoder Pack is designed exclusively for Windows
Media Player and delivers superior video quality with optimal system
performance for your Windows XP-based computer.


  • Exceptional CinePlayer picture quality
  • Also plays MPEG-2 video files
  • The highest quality DVD Playback on PCs
  • The industry’s best DVD navigation

2. Cyberlink PowerDVD SE for Windows XP:
Compatible with Windows Media Player 10 or later. Plays TV programs
recorded using Microsoft Media Center. Plays DVDs with support for
normal and wide-screen movies, Dolby audio soundtracks, and complete
menu navigation.


  • Watch MPEG-2 videos
  • Watch movies in widescreen and letterbox modes
  • Support Dolby audio soundtrack
  • Delivers the best DVD playback quality on PCs

3. DVD XPack for Windows XP:
The DVD XPack instantly adds DVD playback to Windows Media Player
running on a Windows XP–based computer with the same theater-quality
video and audio decoders proven by over 125 million users of WinDVD.


  • NVIDIA PureVideo technology support for superb picture clarity, and precise, vivid colors on any display
  • compatibility with MCE Emerald DVD Playback
  • playback of DVDs in Windows Media Player under Microsoft Windows Vista and Windows XP
  • support for Microsoft DirectX Video Acceleration to minimize CPU load
  • WMV-HD Hardware Acceleration for high-definition video
  • full integration with Windows Media Center or Windows Media Player 9.0 or higher
  • seamless operation with NVIDIA GeForce 6 Series graphics processing units
  • full compatibility with Microsoft DirectShow

4. NVIDIA DVD Decoder:
The NVIDIA DVD Decoder enables the industry’s highest-quality DVD and
MPEG-2 playback and rich surround-sound audio for all graphics
processors running Windows Media Player and Windows XP Media Center
Edition. When paired with a GeForce GPU, the NVIDIA DVD Decoder enables
adaptive deinterlacing and high-quality filtering for the ultimate home
theater experience. It features Dolby Digital surround sound audio and supports the MPEG2
video features on your Microsoft DirectX compatible graphics processor.


  • 2-channel stereo output
  • Dolby Pro Logic surround sound
  • Dolby Digital 5.1
  • Dolby headphones


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