Ace Pro Screensaver Creator 3.90

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Ace Pro Screensaver Creator 3.90

With Ace Pro Screensaver Creator you can create screen- savers for yourself, your friends, company, or commercial distribution.You can make animated screensavers or slide-show screen- savers from your own pictures easily in just a few steps.

Ace Pro Screensaver Creator comes with Nature Illusion Studio Professional, a program that lets you create animated image by adding water, weather, sound effects, and animated objects such as bird, fish, etc to any image.

Unlike ordinary screensavers, our screensavers offer lifelike soothing sounds and amazing realistic animated images, bringing your computer to life, with added flexibility to edit and create the screensaver that suits you best.

Key Features:

  • Create Animated Screensaver: Create animated screensavers with water effects such as waterfall, lake, ocean; animated objects such as birds, fishes; and weather effects such as rain or snow.
  • Create Slide-Show Screensaver: Create slide-show screensavers from your photo collection. The program supports many popular image file formats, including JPEG, GIF, and BMP file formats.
  • Create Shareware Screensaver: Make your screensaver ready for sale! Create a shareware version of your screensaver by limiting the usage days or image number; and provides your customer with a registration code to unlock your screensaver into it’s full version.
  • Create Setup File for Easy Distribution: You don’t have to buy another software just to make a setup package of your screensavers as you can make one in one click with our built-in installer builder.
  • Customizable User Interface: Customize the appearance of your screensaver setting by changing the skin or create your own one using built-in Skin Designer.

Other Features:

  • Make shareware screensaver with nag-screens.
  • Over 100 smooth and customizable image transition effect.
  • Support DirectX for faster and smoother animation.
  • Add background music to your screensaver (mp3,wma,mid,wav).
  • Ad-Image to promote your screensaver.
  • Customize your screensaver icon.


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