QSetup 10.0

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QSetup 10.0

QSetup can produce setup files in the form of an MSI file as well as a traditional EXE file. Also the user can decide at anytime whether to generate an EXE or MSI installation from the same project definition.QSetup Auto-update is unique in it’s ability to create setup that will AUTO-UPDATE from the Internet, when a new version of the program is available.

QSetup features an innovative concept the Execution Engine. This engine will let you define special operations to be performed during the various stages of the Setup and UnInstall process. QSetup from Pantaray Research makes project packaging a fast and easy experience. Use our "intuitive" menus to easily handle your most challenging installation tasks. Set up sophisticated, condition-based actions and instantly test from within the Composer.

The Execute Engine will let you perform a wide range of operations in a simple and intuitive way. Other installers like "InstallShield" or "Wise Install" implement such operations using very complex and time consuming scripting language. The operations of the "Execution Engine" can be UnConditional Conditional and in a While loop.

QSetup is unique in its ability to create setups that will AUTO-UPDATE from the Internet – when a new version of the program is available. You can also just AUTO-INFORM your users of the availability of a new version, and prompt them to update using regular browsing techniques. Adding Auto-Update or Auto-Inform to your setup is very easy. The whole procedure can be completed just by using QSetup intuitive menus. No need to add any line of code to your program.

QSetup includes the most comprehensive infrastructure for Multilingual installation support. You can easily create true Multilingual setup with several license & readme files in all the languages you choose. The actual setup language will be selected either automatically (by reading the LOCALE from the OS) or manually by the end user. All text can be fully localized. Currently more then 30 languages are supported, and you can easily add your own language if your favorite one is missing.


  • A highly effective and professional setup program
  • No script programming required
  • User friendly and intuitive interface
  • The most comprehensive multi lingual support
  • Produce a single Self Extract installation file or an MSI setup file
  • Create setup that will Auto Update from the Internet
  • Compatible with all 32 bit Windows operating systems
  • Create Split Setup – send your customers a small Setup Kernel that will download the rest of the setup file from the Internet
  • Static & Dynamic Dependency Check – a must have for Visual Basic developers


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