Quick Zip 5.0 Beta

Joseph Leung
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Windows 7 Windows Vista Windows Xp
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Quick Zip 5.0 Beta

QuickZip 5 allow you to perform powerful archive operations over a wide range of archive types using a familiar explorer like interface.


  • Explorer like interface: Feature file explorer like interface, allow you to access disk folders and archives in same interface without learning a new software. Extract and Add can be done via drag & drop or Toolbar commands. Most features is implemented, including thumbnail (by changing to view mode in toolbar), breadcrumb, back/next button and history list.
  • One Window, Multiple tabs: Use Ctrl-T to create new tabs, you can open a folder or an archive in each tab, each have it’s back/next history list. One can drag and drop from one tab to another to perform add operations. The program remember opened tabs, will recover them when restarted or crashed.
  • Toolbar addin: Most toolbar commands (and statusbar items) are implemented as external addins, one can write their own addins for QuickZip5, details will be posted soon.
  • Bookmarks: Allows you to add archive bookmarks which perform like your browser bookmarks. You can organize your bookmarks into folders.


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