WinSize2 2.27.04

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WinSize2 2.27.04

WinSize2 can move windows automatically to a predefined place and / or Resize the width and/or height to a predefined size.

It identifies the Windows to move/resize according to its window title.
Each time the window is opened (new created) WinSize2 compares the
title to an internal list of title which are to be acted apon. When the
window is still registered (in most cases: on screen or minimized) the
appearance is not changed also if position / size was changed by the


Learn and store position and size of any window
identifying the window according to the title or parts of the title
Moving to a predefined place
changing the size of a window according to learned
one hotkey to manage the program
multi language support
Handbook in English and German

  • The place / size of the actual window is learned by WinSize2 by
    pressing a hotkey once (the English standard: "Ctrl+Alt+Z"). WinSize2
    inserts the window title into its internal list or overwrites existing
  • Pressing the hotkey twice (within 1 Second): deletes the program title from the list
  • Pressing the hotkey a three times: Set options for this title or for WinSize2


  • Match full title: Normal identifying of windows after insertion
  • Match string CONTAINED in title: Leave those characters you want to search for (search mode is changed)
  • Set the position for the screen: X- and Y-position:
    If you do not want to set one or both coordinates: set them to "-1".
  • Set the size (width and height) of the window:
    If you do not want to set these: set one or both to "-1".
  • Always on Top



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