ALLConverter to 3GP 1.0

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ALLConverter to 3GP 1.0 ALLConverter to 3GP Portable 1.0

ALLConverter to 3GP/GSM is now available. This application allows you to convert videos in DivX, as well as those downloaded from youtube to a format that will be played in all popular mobile phones. ALLConverter to 3GP/GSM is another in a series of converters that promote easy and intuitive handling. As in the previous converters, so in this case the user has the option to add external subtitles to be displayed in the window with the film.

Subtitles will be added to the video file, which causes that they are proportionally scaled to any screen size of mobile phone. Unlike other converters ALLPlayer will be able to  prepare the dedicated skins for any phone, which will get more than 100 votes in sms voting. Dedicated skin will not only provide an opportunity of easy conversion but also allows to get the advanced features associated with the use of the actual resolution of the phone (eg LG phones that support the DivX format).

* Possibility of preview a movie with subtitles being converted .
* Support for text files (srt, smi, MPL2, txt, sub, etc.)
* The ability to download additional settings related to the font color, format and size when ALLPlayer 4.1 or more is installed. 
* Output files can be found in the same directory as the video source.
* After pressing the "INFO" key you get information about the file being converted.
* New! Selecting "SETUP" in the converter, you can choose a ready-made dedicated skin to the phone.



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