Audio Workstation

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Audio Workstation

Audio Workstation
Ten programs in one – a complete audio toolkit

  • Full featured Audio Converter
  • CD Audio Converter
  • Audio Editor
  • Audio File Splitter
  • Audio Player with auto fade, speed or pitch changer, 18 band EQ, (plays all audio file types)
  • CD Creator (create / burn audio or data CD’s from all file types)
  • ID3 Editor / ID3v2 Advanced Editor
  • Lyrics Finder – Editor / Album Cover Finder – Editor
  • Fast encoding, decoding, conversion from 28 audio and video file formats to any of 19 audio formats.
  • Automatically transfers Track, Album, Artist, Genre etc. from original file to converted file.
  • Batch convert multiple formats to one single format.
  • Set a single conversion folder, or convert to the same folder as the original file or the program can automatically create mirror folders, useful if you are converting many folders in bulk and keeps your files organised.
  • Search and add files from sub folders automatically.
  • Convert audio CD to any format. Automatically retrieves album info and CD cover artwork.
  • Use filters on the ripped CD audio before converting. Normalise, Amplify, Fade In/Out, Remove silence from start and end of audio file.
  • Easily create standard audio CD’s from all audio file types. Create CD’s from Play Lists.
  • Create CD’s of your selected file type or types.
  • Video to Audio converter. AVI video and WMV video to any audio format.
  • Extensive encoder options for all file types.
  • Get files from WPL, PLS or M3U play lists.
  • Includes batch ID3V1 for MP3 and WMA files. Update selected fields or all fields.
  • ID3V2 tag editor for MP3 and MP2. Add lyrics and album cover artwork.
  • Edit album cover artwork with the image editor, then add them to audio files using the ID3 Tag editor.
  • Lyrics editor for MP3 / WMA. Easily search and add lyrics.
  • Lyrics automatically copied when converting WMA to MP3.
  • Album cover artwork automatically added to MP3 and WMA files.
  • Option to automatically resize album cover artwork to reduce file size.
  • Convert any audio file to AAC / MP4 / M4A for iPod and iTunes players.
  • ID tag info automatically transferred between MP2, MP3, MP4, WMA, iPod M4A and WAV files.
  • Convert a selected portion of the file.
  • Audio File Splitter / Joiner – easily batch create clips from large audio files, or join many files together.
  • Edit any audio file – add effects – fade in /out, cut/copy/paste/mix – Zoom, Amplify, Null Signal, Insert silence, Reverse, Normalize, Echo, Stretch. Save as WAV, MP3, WMA, iPod M4A, AAC, MP4
  • Play any audio file with Auto Fading, 18 band EQ with frequency boost gives great quality playback, change and memorise Speed or Pitch for each song. Shows lyrics held in MP3, WMA, iPod MP4 and M4A files, with full screen lyrics option. Recall the last 100 songs played.


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