VinylStudio 7.1.0

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VinylStudio 7.1.0

Ease of use: VinylStudio is quick to learn and easy to use. ‘Rollovers’ provide handy cues for new users, while shortcut keys speed things up as you gain experience. And most operations in VinylStudio can be undone (and redone), making VinylStudio a productive and forgiving working environment. Moved a trackbreak by accident? No problem. Just click undo.

Unlike most similar programs, VinylStudio does not expect you to keep track of your recordings manually. Instead, it stores them in a collection, organised by artist and album title. This means that your recordings are always on hand should you ever need them. And if you need to copy some tracks across to your MP3 player, they’re just a couple of mouse-clicks away.

VinylStudio’s audio cleanup tools are not just a toy. They are extremely effective at removing clicks and scratches from your recordings. VinylStudio also has a complete set of noise reduction filters. And if any of your recordings are in really bad shape, you might appreciate our unique Patch feature, which can repair damage that other programs simply cannot touch.   


  • record your LPs and tapes
  • split them into tracks
  • remove clicks, hiss, hum and more
  • save tracks as MP3 files
  • burn both audio and MP3 CDs and DVDs
  • help organise your music collection

Change Log:

  • Various (important!) bug fixes and a few enhancements suggested by users.
  • ‘turbo’ declicker settings for difficult material
  • many detailed improvements


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