Crystal Desktop 2.80

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1.2 MB
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Windows 7 Windows Vista Windows Xp
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Crystal Desktop

Crystal Desktop is the best solution for you! Using it, you may add several desktops and group windows to them! It’s like you have multiple monitors. You can set rules for windows, set passwords for the desktops, manage them as you want. Crystal Desktop has more features than any other virtual desktop managers. Every desktop may have its own windows, shortcuts, wallpaper and even screen resolution! Work faster and easier using Crystal Desktop. None of all virtual desktop managers supports all of these features. Besides, instead of 3D Virtual Desktop Managers Crystal Desktop will not distract you from work and slow your system. Since first version Crystal Desktop has tested by many users and now it is already very powerful product.

Features of Crystal Desktop

  • Fast method of desktops switching
  • Easy task managing
  • Every desktop may have its own wallpaper, shortcuts, resolutions!
  • Convenient user-friendly interface
  • Little resource consumption
  • Quick Switching Arrows for faster switching
  • Set rules for the desktops if you want some window always to be on some desktop. It’s very simple.
  • Exception list allows you to see some windows on all desktops(e.g. IM Client).
  • Automatically checking updates. You will be the first who knows about new version of Crystal Desktop.
  • Hot keys helps you to manage desktops faster and conveniently.
  • Detailed Manual learns you how to use all power of Crystal Desktop. More screenshots and less text. You will know how to use all functions in 5 minutes!



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