iZoom 2.0.1

1.1 MB
Operating System
Windows Vista Windows Xp
Customization Software

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iZoom’s patent-pending ClearPoint font smoothing maintains crystal clear text quality regardless of zoom level. iZoom makes viewing web pages and emails easier than ever with SmartAlign, our new patent-pending technology which doesn’t require you to scroll horizontally over and over to read paragraphs extending beyond the screen.

Features of iZoom

· 8 Different zoom modes
· Full screen, lens, line, split screen, docked. You name it, iZoom’s got all the zooming modes to make your computing experience easier.
· Font smoothing
· iZoom smooths all black text with any color background.
· Focus Tracking
· iZoom will follow the focus of the active item on your screen. For example, when you click the close button in MS Word without saving iZoom will automatically move towards the Save dialog which pops up.
· Caret Tracking
· While typing, iZoom will keep the screen in view so that you don’t type off the screen. MS Office applications are supported as well.
· Speech iZoom will read out events that occur in the system. For example, when you click an icon or highlight an item in a menu box, it’ll be spoken to you.
· Color enhancements
· iZoom can flip the colors on your screen, change brightness, contrast, saturation, replace colors..the works! If there’s a color scheme you want which we don’t have, let us know and we’ll add it.
· Mouse options
· iZoom has several mouse options so you can see where you’re pointing to. It even has various types of locators to show you where the mouse is.


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