Wallpaper Expert 3.8.4

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Operating System
Windows Xp
Customization Software

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Wallpaper Expert

Do you have a lot of pictures of your family, images downloaded from
the Internet, photographs of your latest holiday adventures? Wouldn’t
it be wonderful to have them on your computer screen bringing back
memories and a smile to your face? You can now do that with Wallpaper
Expert — a powerful yet so easy-to-use wallpaper manager.

Expert lets you assign different categories to your images, such as
"Summer Trip of 2005", "John and Selma’s Wedding" and the like. Unlike
any other similar product, Wallpaper Expert allows you to control how
and when your collections appear on the screen. Suppose you want to
bring back memories of your last summer trip on Sundays, to see your
family on workdays and wouldn’t mind photos from other collections
appear in front of you from time to time. Suppose you want to see your
wife’s smile at 8:00 and smile back at your son at 12:00. With
Wallpaper Expert, you can do all that since you can specify a schedule
for any collection!

You don’t need to worry about your image formats — all those BMP’s,
JPEG’s, PNG’s, GIF’s, TIFF’s, EXIF’s, WMF’s, EMF’s are for computer
geeks. Wallpaper Expert will recognize almost any image type and
present it on the screen perfectly. You can specify different wallpaper
styles (centered, tiled, stretched, maximized or custom) and background
colors (there is a default color, colors calculated to match your
images or custom colors). You can also specify the order in which you
want your wallpaper to change — it can be forward, backward or random.
You can make your wallpaper change at every Windows start-up, at
regular intervals, at random intervals or even schedule the changes!
You can also make desktop icons transparent, control the transparency
of your taskbar and assign hotkeys to actions you perform most often.
This program is non-intrusive. That is, it quietly sits in the system
tray and does not interfere with your daily activities. An intuitive
Windows Explorer-like user interface and convenient ‘drag-and-drop’
functions make Wallpaper Expert a true user-friendly wallpaper
management software. 



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