Weather Clock 4.3

Respect Soft.
2.1 MB
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Windows All
Customization Software

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Weather Clock

Weather Clock replaces the standard Windows system clock and offers a
number of enhancements for people who like neat solutions. Get things
done and don’t forget your umbrella using this customizable clock with
exact time,alarms, current weather conditions, forecasts, and different
skins. Customize the look of Weather Alarm Clock by changing any of the
available skins. The clock displays the exact time using Internet atomic
time servers. There are also several different alarm tones ready to
alert you in your alarm clock.

Desktop Weather

Dripping wet? Caught a cold? Afraid that you will?
Dress for
Your Weather. A digital thermometer, a weather forecast station, and a
dress guide, all in one convenient package. Weather Clock keeps you
updated on the weather at your location, so you always know what to
wear. If you go mobile from time to time, desktop weather goes mobile
with you: just change the location to get the weather for where you are
at the moment.

Desktop Calendar

Had enough
of being late? Feel like you are wasting time? Things are getting out
of control?
Be on Time, Be in Control. The time on your computer
will always be precise with Weather Clock’s synch features, but more
importantly, you can organize yourself and get things done by setting
alarms for certain events, appointments, and tasks. Use the built-in
desktop calendar to track appointments or get in synch with your friends
and colleagues using the time zones tracking feature.

You can
now go to bed without stopping to shut down your computer or you can
depend on Weather Clock to shut down the computer when it’s time to go
to bed. Customize the look of the clock display and the floating desktop
calendar widget using a wide selection of skins.

Alarm Clock

Turn your computer into a powerfull alarm
clock! Wake up to a beep or music your choise. You will feel much better
when you be reminded by listening to your favorite music and also feel
confident in what needs to be done! This alarm clock will definitely set
the mood for you days!


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