Dine-O-Matic 2.0

ARTIS Software
1.7 MB
Operating System
Customize Mac OS X

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Dine-O-Matic is a fun Dashboard widget created by the Iconfactory and Joesph Roback for Mac OS X that randomly selects a place to eat out when you just can’t make up your mind. Does your family have a hard time deciding on where to head for dinner? Your co-workers want to go one place for lunch, but you want to go some place else? No problem, enter your selections into Dine-O-Matic and let the food fates decide!

  • Custom cuisine categories
  • Enable / disable entire categories
  • Expanded restaurant information
  • Restaurant price filtering
  • Weight’ your favorite restaurants
  • Google Maps and web integration

If you are using Safari as your browser, click the "Get It" button above to download. Once the download is complete, you will be presented with a dialog box asking if you would like to install the widget. Click the install button and Dashboard will automatically open and place the widget on the desktop. Once you see the widget loaded onto the screen, simply click the "Keep" button to complete the installation.

If you are using a browser other than Safari, once the widget download is complete, decompress it and place it in /Library/Widgets/ in your home folder. Show Dashboard in the Finder, click the plus sign to display the Widget Bar and click the widget’s icon in the Widget Bar to open it.


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