Fontcase 1.5

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Fontcase 1.5

Fontcase is a font management application that provides an elegant and powerful workflow to help you organise the fonts you have installed on your system. Designed to be an iTunes for your fonts, Fontcase has a powerful tagging system, which is designed to let you control your fonts like you control your music.

Fontcase can preview every font for you, whether it is activated or not. There’s no need to burden your system with thousands of fonts; you keep them all in Fontcase and activate them only when you need them.

Fontcase has a powerful glyph viewer built into it which lets you view all the unicode glyphs for every font in your library; whether the font is installed or not. Besides just this, you can view the ascender, capHeight and even the unicode code and html entity right from within Fontcase.

Whenever an application needs a particular font to open a document, Fontcase jumps to action and will activate it for you. Fontcase keeps track which fonts were auto-activated and it will deactivate those when you quit Fontcase.

Sometimes you want to compare different fonts and see how they will look when used as body text or header, or you may want to see the glyph tables of different fonts at the same time. Fontcase can help you with this, using the Compare tool you can do exactly that.

You can now share your fonts with other people just like iTunes pioneered this for music. There’s one big difference: Fontcase lets you preview and download fonts from shared libraries. A company no longer needs a centralized server to distribute new fonts through, it’s all built into Fontcase.



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