Pear Note 1.3.5

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Pear Note 1.3.5

Record everything. By integrating traditional text notes with audio, video, and slides, Pear Note ensures that you never miss a thing.

Pear Note records audio and/or video while you take your notes, so later you can find what was being said when you typed something. You can play back an entire recording, or jump straight to the point you need. Watch this short video to get the full picture.

Pear Note can jump straight to the point in the recording where you typed that note, so you can listen to what was going on at the time and use the recording to interpret your notes.

Pear Note lets you navigate to the end of the notes you did take, so you can listen to or watch what was going on when you zoned out and fill in the gaps.


  • Records keystrokes, audio, video, and slides: Pear Note records audio, video, and what you do, including typing notes and changing slides, on a timeline. Since keystrokes and slide changes are kept on this timeline, you can easily find what was being said during typing or a particular slide.
  • Search to help you find your notes quickly: With Pear Note, there’s no need to manually organize notes to find them. You simply bring up search and start typing, and the note you’re looking for will pop right up. There’s no need to manually sort notes into folders or categories. Pear Note finds notes transparently so you don’t have to go looking.
  • Instantly jump to anywhere in the recording using the text or the slides: Not only can you jump to anywhere in your recording by using the timeline slider, but you can also use your text notes or slides. Just click anywhere in the text and playback will jump to the moment you typed that character. Change the slide displayed and playback will jump to the moment you changed to that slide during recording.
  • Supports Powerpoint, Keynote, and PDF slides: Drag and drop Powerpoint, Keynote, and PDF slide presentations into Pear Note and they’ll be integrated directly into your notes. This keeps things together, and also saves you the time of copying down information off slides.



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