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Wallsaver 2.5.3

Wallsaver is a clean and simple application that lets you run pretty much any screen saver as your desktop wallpaper. It automatically searches the three directories your Mac stores its screen savers in. Just open Wallsaver and you’re ready to go. Drag and drop any screen saver into any of the directories, and Wallsaver can use it.

Wallsaver features full Front Row support, screen locking, and even lets you choose a screen saver different from the one set in System Preferences.


  • Wallsaver doesn’t have to be running 24/7. You can launch Wallsaver, activate your screen saver, and then quit the program. Restoring your desktop is just as easy. Launch Wallsaver, click “Restore”, and you’re set.
  • You can use any screen saver.
  • You can show off the full potential of your Mac by letting it power through a task that would bring a PC to its knees.
  • It’s Universal Binary.

Improvements in this Version:

  • Added “Install Screen Saver” option under the “Extras” menu
  • Fixed & optimized code for populating list of screen savers. This should make more third-party screen savers appear in the screen saver list.

System Requirements:

  • Mac OS X 10.5 or later
  • Quartz Extreme capable graphics card with at least 32 MB of memory
  • A screen saver worth applying as the desktop background.


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